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Accomodation offer

  • A special contingent of rooms has been reserved for participants of the symposium offering special prices as summarized in the Table.
  • Rooms should be booked in time. The special price contingent is valid only until 18 August 2014.
  • Important: If you want to receive the special price, use the booking form provided below the Table.

Hotel Description Distance to venue Price
Hotel Am Frauenplan
Brauhausgasse 10,
99423 Weimar
***, in the middle of the historical Old Town, quiet position ca. 8 min. walking 60 € single room
88 € double room (dr)
74 € dr for 1 person
Hotel Anna Amalia
Geleitstraße 8–12,
D-99423 Weimar
***, in the middle of the historical Old Town, family directed hotel ca. 5 min. walking 65 € single room
Hotel Kaiserin Augusta
Carl-August-Allee 17,
99423 Weimar
***, across the Central Station, quiet rooms ca. 10 min. walking 73 € single room
90 € double room
Hotel Liszt
Lisztstraße 1,
99423 Weimar
***, traffic-favourable but in a quiet side street, room with mini kitchen ca. 10 min. walking 60 € single room
70 € double room (dr)
65 € dr for 1 person
Dorint Hotel Weimar
Beethovenplatz 1-2,
99423 Weimar
****, in the middle of the historical Old Town, first-class hotel with exclusive rooms ca. 10 min. walking 109 € single room
127.5 € double room
Grandhotel Russischer Hof
Goetheplatz 2,
99423 Weimar
 ****, traditional luxury class hotel, situated in the heart of Weimar  ca. 2 min. walking 119 € single room
148 € double room
Leonardo Hotel Weimar
Belvederer Allee 25,
99425 Weimar
****, next to the Ilm-park ca. 25 min. walking 67 € single room
79 € double room

Booking procedure

  • You have to complete a booking form. For the case, that your favourite hotel is already booked up, you have to indicate your second choice of hotel.
  • Please download the booking form here
  • You can directly e-mail your booking using the E-mail button on the form or alternatively print the form and send it as pdf per e-mail or per fax to: