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Guido Grossmann

Centre for Organismal Studies,
Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
Portrait Guido Grossmann
Dr. Guido Grossmann studied biology in Regensburg and did his PhD with Widmar Tanner where he studied microdomain formation in the yeast plasma membrane and identified a novel role of the membrane potential in lateral protein sorting. Developing a keen interest in membrane dynamics and polar transport, he joined as an EMBO fellow the labs of David Ehrhardt and Wolf Frommer (Carnegie Institution, Stanford, US). Here, he applied advanced imaging techniques to identify mechanisms of lateral membrane protein sorting in plants, employed fluorescent biosensors to monitor molecular dynamics in vivo, and developed the RootChip, the first fully integrated imaging and perfusion device for roots. Since 2013, Guido is an independent CellNetworks group leader at the Centre for Organismal Studies, at Heidelberg University, where his group focuses on membrane organization, polar transport and environmental sensing in plants.