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Karin Ljung

Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology,
Umeå Plant Science Centre
Portrait Karin Ljung
The group of Dr. Karin Ljung is studying the regulation of auxin and cytokinin metabolism in Arabidopsis and other plant species. Karin and her co-workers have shown that auxins and cytokinins have the capacity to regulate each other’s biosynthesis, and are investigating the mechanisms behind these interactions, and their importance for different developmental processes in plants. The group recently discovered a link between carbohydrate levels/signaling and auxin metabolism that clearly has implications for the understanding of the mechanisms by which plants modify their growth in accordance with environmental conditions. The group has developed methods for auxin and cytokinin metabolite profiling in very small amounts of plant tissues and isolated cells, and is currently using these methods to study auxin and cytokinin metabolism during root development.