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Scientific program

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The program may still be modified according to short-termed changes of the conditions. Please check the program regularly!

All activities take place in the Seminar Building of the Congress Centrum Neue Weimarhalle, unless otherwise indicated.

Monday, 15 September 2014
17:30 Registration & poster set up
19:30 Welcome Buffet
Tuesday, 16 September 2014
07:30 Registration & poster set up
08:30 Opening
09:00 Opening lecture: Karin Ljung (Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden) Auxin metabolism and interactions during Arabidopsis root development - how to regulate the concentration of the regulator
Session I: Auxin homeostasis and response in root development
09:40 Mehdi Massoumi (Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands) Analysis of the role of polar auxin transport during adventitious root formation from Arabidopsis hypocotyls using mutants
10:00 Elena Varas (Instituto de Investigaciones Agrobiológicas de Galicia, Spain) Effect of NPA on adventitious root induction and root development in leaves of chestnut microshoots
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 Siamsa M. Doyle (Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden) A chemical genomics approach to identify endogenous compounds regulating auxin transport in root cells
11:10 Victoria Mironova  (Novosibirsk State University, Russia) How the plant root deals with missing of a PIN auxin transporter
11:30 Peter Schopfer (University of Freiburg, Germany) Lateral root formation in Arabidopsis I: New insights into pattern formation
11:50 Stefan Kircher (University of Freiburg, Germany) Lateral root formation in Arabidopsis II: Endogenous clock or auxin-modulated oscillator?
12:10 Keynote: Malcolm Bennett (The Nottingham University, UK)Uncovering the hidden half of plant biology
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Plenary lecture: Sabrina Sabatini (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy) Molecular mechanisms involved in coherent root growth
Session II: Fine control of cell cycle and cell differentiation in root development
14:40 Maria Maddalena Altamura (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy) The switch in cell-identity acquisition leading to either adventitious rooting or xylogenesis is controlled by SHR and SCR, and involves AUX1, in Arabidopsis thaliana hypocotyls and stem thin cell layers
15:00 Einat Sadot (Volcani Center, Israel) Subtle perturbations to microtubules uncouple cell division from differentiation during adventitious root formation in Arabidopsis
15:20 Coffee break
15:50 Elison B. Blancaflor (The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, USA) A Trans-Golgi Network (TGN)-localized Tetratricopeptide Repeat-Like Superfamily Protein functions in actin-mediated root developmental processes
16:10 Victor Ivanov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) Temporal relations between cell divisions, life-span of cells in meristem and root cell transition to elongation
16:30 – 19:00 Poster Session I
Wednesday, 17 September 2014
08:30 Plenary lecture: Gloria Muday (Wake Forest University, USA) Auxin and ethylene cross talk controlling lateral and adventitious root formation
Session III: Other hormones, signals and related crosstalk in root development
09:10 Angela Veloccia (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy) Ethylene role in adventitious root formation in Arabidopsis thaliana thin cell layers
09:30 Junli Liu (Durham University, UK) Elucidating hormonal crosstalk in root development: experiments, network construction and spatiotemporal modelling for the interaction of PLS and PIN
09:50 Keynote: Catherine Bellini (Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden) Adventitious rooting is controlled by a complex interaction between auxin and jasmonate signaling pathways
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Yuko Maki (Snow Brand Seed Co, Japan) Phenyllactic acid isolated from "bokashi" fertilizer promotes rooting through auxin response
11:10 Francisco Pérez-Alfocea (CEBAS-CSIC, Spain) Hormonal changes in the roots of ABA overproducing tomato plants
11:30 Aditi Gupta (National Institute of Plant Genome Research, India) Interaction between glucose and brassinosteroid signalling pathways during early seedling root growth and development in Arabidopsis
11:50 Manjul Singh (National Institute of Plant Genome Research, India) Glucose-phytohormone interaction in modulation of root directional growth of Arabidopsis seedling
12:10 Keynote: Michael A. Djordjevic (Australian National University, Australia) Regulatory CEP Peptides Negatively Control Lateral Root Formation in Medicago truncatula and Enhance Competency for Root Nodulation
12:40 Lunch
13:45 Guided Weimar tour: UNESCO World Heritage in Weimar & Duchess Anna Amalia Library, group I - 13:45 – 17:00, group II – 14:15 – 17:30, group III – 14:45 – 18:00, group IV – 15:15 – 18:30, the relevant group is indicated in the conference bag
20:00 Conference dinner, location Villa Haar,Dichterweg 2 a, 99425 Weimar, transfer will be announced 
Thursday, 18 September 2014
09:00 Plenary lecture: Lorenzo Lamattina (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina) NO secrets: Unravelling the hidden story of root growth and developmental processes
Session IV: Environmental control and practical aspects of root development
09:40 Margareta Welander (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden) Environmental factors influencing rooting of Aristolochia manschuriensis in semi -solid agar medium and the new Plantform bioreactor
10:00 Uwe Druege (Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Germany) Enhanced adventitious rooting of Petunia cuttings after dark storage involves rooting zone-specific expression of invertases during the dark phase
10:20 Laszlo Kocsis (University of Pannonia, Hungary) Seasonal changes of root development of Cabernet sauvignon grafted on different rootstocks
10:40 Coffee break
11:10 Yi Zhou (University of Adelaide, Australia) Root distortion and development of wheat under different cropping systems
11:30 Frédéric Danjon (INRA, France) In-depth phenotyping of root architecture and root deformations in planted Pinus pinaster saplings
11:50 Audrey Lemay (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada) How does the root system inhibit windthrow in thinned black spruce sites in the boreal forest?
12:10 Annie DesRochers (University of Quebec in Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Canada) Root clonal networks preserve genetic diversity in trembling aspen stands of eastern Canada
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Plenary lecture: Nicolaus von Wirén (Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Germany) Impact of nutrient availability on root system architecture
Session Va. Competence for root development: genetics and donor plant effects
14:40 Anja Paschold (University of Bonn, Germany) Dynamic single parent expression patterns in primary root tissues of maize hybrids and their parents are driven by non-syntenic genes
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 José Manuel Pérez-Pérez (Universidad Miguel Hernández, Spain) Genetical genomics of adventitious root formation in carnation cuttings
15:50 Keynote: Carmen Díaz-Sala (University of Alcalá, Spain) Maturation-related decline of adventitious root formation in pine: Searching for cell reprogramming genes by transcriptome analysis
16:20 Gregor Osterc (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) Physiological maturation and rooting: what is really happening on the biochemical level?
16:40 – 19.00 Poster session II
Friday, 19 September 2014
Session VI. New tools to analyze and control root development, Moderator Annie des Rochers (Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada)
08:30 Jerzy Nakielski (University of Silesia, Poland) Computer simulation of the root cap regeneration
08:50 Joanna Szymanowska-Pułka (University of Silesia, Poland)  A lateral root development – catching up the form
09:10 Adriano Sofo (Università degli Studi della Basilicata, Italy) Root architecture and morphometric analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana grown in metal-gradient agar dishes
09:30 Dieter Lohr (Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany) Near infrared spectroscopy as a rapid tool to predict rooting capacity depending on nitrogen and carbohydrate status of cuttings
09:50 Coffee break
10:20 Plenary lecture: Guido Grossmann (Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany) Tracking molecular flux in roots
Session Vb. Competence for root development: genetics and donor plant effects, Moderator Uwe Druege (Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornametal Crops, Germany)
11:00 Keynote: Amanda Rasmussen (The University of Nottingham, UK), Plant puberty: do hormonal changes during floral switch cause decline in pea cutting adventitious root formation?
11:30 Millicent A. Otiende (Maseno University, Kenya) Effect of cutting position on adventitious rooting of rose and relations to endogenous auxin and cytokinins
11:50 Arthur G. Fett-Neto (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) Gene expression during adventitious rooting in Eucalyptus globulus micro-cuttings derived from donor plants exposed to far-red light
12:10 Closing session
12:40 Lunch